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A truly outstanding work of art executed excellently. The composition is detailed, the depth of field, color harmony and perspective are all perfectly in balance. I'm sure you already know how talented you are and are clearly a professional. Bravo, well done! I am sorry I don't have 6 stars to award this outstanding work. DeeZ

Glorious work of art!! Such detail and delicacy. What a wonderful expression on the musicians face and the background is heaven!! My congratulations. Great art.

Mark Bayliss


This is a very personified I love it. She could be part of the woodland scene int he background. There is a lot of wisdom in those soft blue eyes and the firm jaw line. The hair is so natural yet also autumnal. I love that the berries and ivy in her hair and clothing again giving that lovely autumnal feel to the portrait. You have some how managed to give her a human and yet at the same time mystical surreal element as if she is only part human hinting some mystery and definitly a story could easily be built around her.

Thank You. Lizzdarby

Amazing, I love all of the different textures and colors. It's beautiful.

Lovely painting would make a great illustration for a book! Fantastic details on the collar and headdress. The earthy colors blend her with nature. Just beautiful! Shirley Oxborough

The Caprice Bar

It seems like very nice and detailed work. Good initial impact. The colors and the composition very nice, and I can see that the men int he pictures interacting with each other through their body language. Good job. Alien Voyager

All your paintings are absolutely beautiful and have such a mysterious aura about them. Valerie Curtis „Valia”

Hi Marianna, just looking at your impressive work, you have a lot of variety in your painting. I particularly like the balance and shapes in this one, lovely subtle colors, very original.

Best wishes to you, Chris Redwood

Christmas in Jaszbereny Anno

Sweet and warm "Christmas Fairy Tale" painting Marianna. Full of nostalgia Holidays are Coming... Wonderful colors too... Very well done. Kind regards, Robert Doesburg

Tuia has me speechless...its so good, that i cant find a word to capture all of its visuals and i cant explain it because that would just put a limit to the appreciation. Dan Gonzalez


Marianna, this woman symbolizes May so sensuously -- I love her flowing red hair, and the lovely surrounding foliage! Rene Ury

I have met Marianna Venczák in connection with an international cultural event. As a curator of the event, my task was to select ten talented young fine artists for an exhibition across the Atlantic. Having analyzed the works of over a hundred young artists, Marianna's works were deemed appropriate by myself and also the other curators to represent Hungary on international locations. Marianna is characterized by well-composed figurative art that is full of spirit. Her works are elaborations of light themes and scenes, which remind us on classic and impressionist expositions (“Caprice Bar”), while in her surrealist art, she prefers displaying her fantasy world with bright spots and winding brush strokes for us (“Flowers of my soul”), or she presents her images in leaded glass-like geometric shapes (e.g. “Fall and fabric”). Her style is unique; however, it can be characterized as universal in terms of its appearance. Her clean and modest works provide a glimpse into the simple but deep essence of life. What I especially like in her art is that it reminds us, what real art is all about. Her art does not aspire to impact us through meticulously perfected techniques, but it is still fascinating, because it shows that the spontaneous source of her works is a pure hart that is filled with hope. In the light of Marianna's art, we come to grasp that beauty is omnipresent in the most common scenes and events of life. Through her brushstrokes, she is capable to lead the spectator to the streets of Budapest (“Impressions on Andrássy street ”), to places decorated with festive lights, where we can almost smell the flavor of gingerbread (“Christmas atmosphere”), or we find ourselves in genuine Hungarian boondocks (“Farm”). Tibor Szonyi Opera Gallery Budapest

Well, what can I say - wow! The works are just beautiful- perhaps the most striking quality above all else in these works your work is the attention to the subtle and magical power of light. Your use of oil paint on luminous surfaces shows a unique process in which the brushstrokes are embedded within the paint surface. When combined with a focused palette they engender luminescent surfaces that glow with a special radiance not usually encountered by work of this kind. There is an understated incandescence to these images that is nostalgic and mystical all at once. You position yourself in the theatrical realm through the dream-like fantastical quality of the imagery—almost
Surreal, yet not quite there, as if some ghostly memory from a heavenly far-away place; producing a work which resonates with the
viewer long after viewing. Ultimately, i feel that (in the little time i have had to get to know your work) you define yourself by a quest for liberty, truth, and peace within your art. Exemplifying the meeting of cultures, your distinctive style is lyrical and refreshing, hearkening a new age in
the history of painting. Pushing past surface expressionist influences, you arrive at a virtuoso moment, impulsive yet wise, untamed yet controlled. Like nature's force itself, your brushwork and instinct resonate with the power and subtlety of the unexplainable. Lisa Bentley Art Approach LLC-NYC.

Impressions of the Andrassy street

You have such a wonderful atmosphere going on in this work, a well balanced muted palette, interesting ground reflections, wonderful gestures in the figures. I truly get a sense of place from this work, as if I know this location and have walked this street in the rain myself. Now lets talk about, “the elephant in the room”. The tiles or square design that you have incorporated into the composition. I subscribe to the idea that if an element does not add to the overall design or concept of a work, then the question
should be does it belong in the composition at all. Keeping in mind that part of our task as artists “is” to communicate our own vision into the world and describe it in unique and personal ways.
I would ask myself if these shapes are metaphors / symbolic or just decorative motifs?
It is talented work and I encourage you to keep testing the norm. All the best,


I would have agree with Mrs.B's critique.
She made some very good points, especially about what our “task' as artist is.
That “task” of describing our artistic vision I feel is the most important idea to think about.
Take a look at the artist Gustav Klimt, and his use of shapes and motif in his work. And how interlaced they are into the subject.
Or Chuck Close's work, were the grid became not just an intergraded part of the design but opened the way to an entire process, rethinking and reconstructing the visual world around him. Keep experimenting and pushing your ideas, nice work.

Jim Serrett said... from

You adopt a very nice and distinct style in Your paintings. The „mosaic” effect that You incorporated into this piece works very well and has added flare. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more! Glass i

I don't normally review artwork as photography is my bag – but this just caught my eye. I think it's excellent. Great composition and I love the way You have created the figures and their shadows. It sets the scene for a damp and cold winter's day. Nice muted colors and interest the background buildings too. I apologize is my art vocabulary sounds more photographic – but long story short, I think You have done a very good job here! Snappyviv


This image is full of feeling. And is as deep as it is beautiful. That aside: I see interesting imagery. To me the balance, and composition, both well tended. The light is nice. I see a degree of technical excellence. I believe that this image carries a high capacity for story telling Thank You for sharing,

David Lloyd

Love Jazz Marianna. Great view of the musician grooving. Love the entire work. Wish I could make watercolors do wonders like this. Bravo!

John Mullins

The Caprice Bar

Your piece Caprice Bar is a wonderful glimpse into a moment of life; one can almost hear the murmur of conversation and laughter. I think the gestures of the people are very well done nicely expressing the character of each person.
There are obviously different sources of light as one would expect in a night time café scene, certainly a difficult effect to paint.
If you look at the cast shadows of the chairs in comparison to the back shadow of the people you can notice some of the lighting is a bit confusing? I think if you had gone for a overall chiaroscuro, modeling the of light and shade of the main space and then picking out the smaller gradations caused by smaller lights. The illusion of space would have read more convincingly. The vertical tan wall on the right I would omit, it visually shortens the picture plane and does not add anything to the composition.
Overall it is very ambitious work on an extremely challenging subject. Really nice work.

Since 2010 Marianna Venczak has been the representative for Hungary of the artistic literary movement IMAGE & POETRY, and her works The Hungarian Fallow (linked to the poem of Endre Ady ) and Jazz (linked to the poem Drum by Aeronwy Thomas) are highly significant as the movement offers visual images that complete and enhance the written words and vice versa.
Moving closer to the artistic production of Marianna Venczak is like entering into an enchanted and surreal world with a fairy-tale atmosphere, revisited with a very personal artistic touch: walking in the snowy streets of Hungarian cities and waiting anxiously for Christmas bring us back to the joyful moments of childhood, the ladies of May and Fall are fascinating with their promises of gifts, while the circus images surprise us with their bright and colourful clowns
What Marianna Venczak recreates in her works is a world of serenity and joy, mysterious but full of expectation, where we can shelter to regain the charm of the simple and true joys of life Actis, art critic at Turin Live Festival 2010

I have to say, there is something deeply intense and critical in personal sensibilities and modalities of your beautiful paintings and expressions. Your paintings muse and fuse the classical and the modern, the flat and the defined-it is personal biography meets movement, passion and a very physiological presence. Your works have certain indescribable spark that highlights the fact you are, as an artist and creator incessantly searching for something indescribable within your work, while remaining profoundly aware of the viewer along the way. I think the works will make a perfect fit. I cant wait to see them in print! Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of color, movement, texture, and shape, you shine as a painter whose work relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling than a tangible object despite the figurative subject matter. Amidst a sea of art, you manage to say something very different. And this is why we are so keen to work with you. Lisa Bentley Art Approach LLC-NYC .